What Makes a Prophet fake?

Tuoyo Emmanuel Ajuyah
Tuoyo Emmanuel Ajuyah
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Euro 2020 has come and gone even after the one year wait due to the pandemic and it is not strange that almost one week later there are still many talking points but what’s a little bit not too common is that for some of us in West Africa the talking point is not football related neither is it about the condemnable racial incident rather it has the religious inclination – about prophesy whether fake or not.

No thanks to Pastor Emmanuel Kobi Badu who appeared profound in his prophetic declaration during his Sunday Service on the 11th of July 2021 when he said emphatically “today, England will win the cup” every presenter and journalist have talked about the Euro 2020 this week including Femi Adesina who hasn’t really been heard lately saying anything else other that how he doesn’t see anything wrong in what the President does.

Infact if the Ghanaian Cleric had not specified the day maybe we would have regarded it like the prophesy of the Late Prophet T.B. Joshua saying Covid 19 would end on March 24 – where it was pointed that he didn’t specify the year after the said date had elapsed.

Anyway Prophet or Pastor Badu made it clear that “that is the work of a prophet, to say what God is saying” and I think he got that one thing right in the short clip, the work of the prophet is simply to convey messages from God – he is a messenger of God as against the wide spread assumption that a prophet is simply to foretell the future, there are some differences there – not everyone who foretells the future is a prophet and a prophet’s job doesn’t start or end with saying what would happen tomorrow. It could be a message of warning or a direction or any other message.

And when the future is foretold it is usually to correct, warm or encourage but certainly not for display of skill as that is similar to turning stones to bread which Jesus refused to do.

Finally, as against what Femi Adesina said in his publication, I don’t think a true prophet is simply someone who says a thing and it comes to pass as that could be achieved by fluke and genuine prophets of old have said things which God later changed like the prophesy of death which was changed to 15 years elongation of life but I think a true prophet is someone who actually hears from God going by the definition of who a prophet is while a fake prophet is simply someone who doesn’t hear from God whether what he says comes to pass or not.


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