What does the North benefit from Northern Presidency?

Tuoyo Emmanuel Ajuyah
Tuoyo Emmanuel Ajuyah
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2023 is just less that 18 months away but is the most talked about year in Nigeria even more than 2022 that is less than 6 months away and this is largely because of the tussle between the northern and southern parts of Nigeria to claim the number 1 seat in the land.

Southern Governors met recently in Lagos and echoed the thoughts of Southern Nigerians that come 2023 the President must come from the South.

Their position is well understood as since 1999 – the beginning of this democratic dispensation Presidents have always alternated between the two regions and so this shouldn’t really have been a topic up for debate but their Northern counterparts have been unsuccessful in trying to pretend that they are not actually pushing for power to remain in the north even after a northern president would have completed two tenures and would have to handover to another person.

Their initial response was that the word ‘must’ shouldn’t have been used in that sentence preferring ‘should’ instead, making us feel it was actually a debate of language and not politics.

Today, the National President of Arewa Youths consultative forum Yerima Shettima has come forward to say there is a deficit of 4 years as Obasanjo and Jonathan combined enjoyed 14 years in power when compared to Buhari’s and Yar’Adua’s 10 years.

I think I really find it amazing and that’s simply to derogative description but you can or should (also) spare my reasons or reasoning.

The question I would like to ask is – What really is the North benefiting from Northern Presidency? In terms of security, economy and development can the North actually say they have made significant progress compared to when they were governed by a Southerner?

If they are still pushing for retainership in Aso rock at this point, I don’t believe they are not reasoning and so there must be something they are benefiting that I don’t know about because the only thing I can see the average Nigerian from the northern part of Nigeria enjoys is impunity and nepotism which still has not made the Northern region more secured, developed or more economically viable so still begging for answer is my question – What does the North benefit from Northern Presidency?

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