Diapers on the street

Sholaye Edun
Sholaye Edun
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Do not expect to find my bag without trash at the end of most days, especially on days that I cannot find where to properly dispose my waste.

Yes, I am Nigerian. No, I do not litter. Yes, you can stop littering today. We all would like to travel abroad for visitations or to stay, what we mostly look forward to is their picture perfect world. How clean and sleek the environment looks, in most areas. We can do better as Nigerians by deciding not to litter and to properly dispose our trash.

Finding out how long most of this item’s takes to rot makes my heart cry. I see diapers on the street most times, and research has shown diapers take over 400 years to disintegrate. Some of the havoc we cause by littering will outlive us, causing long-term damage to the environment. From plastic bottles to orange peel takes from 1000 years to 2years to disintegrate.

Imaging if we fill up the earth, our most precious factor of production. The core of life with these materials and we can no longer live properly due to its consequence. Oh it’s not hard to imagine, we are already doing that and living nonchalantly with the consequences.

Filling our land and water with waste that would not rot. Let us strive for a cleaner environment. Coming outside to throw water with fish guts on the street is a big no no. Indiscriminate refuge disposal at all levels should be discouraged. You should take a conscious decision not to litter, you should teach your children to do same and advocate for a better environment. We all deserve a cleaner, less polluted environment.

We can achieve it if we take a stand today. Let us pledge our unreserved commitment to making the earth, Nigeria, our immediate environment, our homes, litter free. Take the sacred oath today to do better for us and generations yet unborn, the environment gives too much to be neglected.

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