How to avoid catastrophe during a public event

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Outdoor gatherings typically use glitzy decor to captivate attendees and catch their eye. To gain the respect of their hosts and attendees, event planners are increasingly making a concerted effort to outdo themselves in artistic displays of ornamental backdrops, cuisine, fabrics, ceiling, table decorations, seating arrangements, stage design, lighting, and musical decor at public events.

However, the planners occasionally fail to take into account the safety of such technology. There have reportedly been a number of altercations at public and religious gatherings. The World Health Organization also emphasizes the need for hosts of large gatherings to take extensive precautions and have emergency response capabilities. Disasters that can occur at large gatherings include falls, electrocutions, injuries, fire mishaps, and the spread of contagious diseases.

Advice on how to arrange for safety when hosting a public event;

Exit and entry doors with labels
Emergency situations might arise at any time. Having access to the safety measures and equipment in place at such times is essential for taking prompt action.

Firefighting equipment.

Having the proper fire extinguisher on hand can help protect lives and property from the destructive effects of fire events, whether it is in your automobile, home, business, store, or place of worship.

Use great caution when handling anything flammable.
Candles and fireworks should be used with great caution when present in confined spaces. This is due to the fact that they can catch fire when improperly put, dropped, or transported. Carrying lit candles on cakes should also be done with prudence. The next person, clothing, or anything that could catch fire shouldn’t be too close to them. Additionally, clear the event location of anything flammable. For instance, cans of gasoline and kerosene should not be brought near the event.

Smoke alarm/muster point
According to the National Fire Protection Association, smoke alarms serve a critical role in decreasing fire-related fatalities and injuries, thereby saving lives and protecting property. Smoke detectors should be present in public meeting places and halls. This will assist in raising an alarm when a fire starts. The location and labeling of the muster sites should be obvious and they should be set apart from the venue or event gathering.

Adequate arrangements.

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Guests should be encouraged to roam freely thanks to the seating arrangements at public events. In an emergency, this will guarantee safe coordination and mobility, prevent unnecessary falls, and prevent unnecessary accidents. The proper labeling of signs and instructions, along with compliance-facilitating processes, can make this achievable.

Lifeguards, first aid supplies
Everywhere people go, from daily commuters to international travelers, the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention advises having an emergency kit on hand. It is the duty of the event organizers to make sure that a medical ambulance and first aid supplies are available. Lifeguards should be present at events to treat casualties properly because they are trained in life-saving techniques. “People should be aware of the safety precautions needed to take in every situation,” the safety consultant asserts.

Security personnel
It is always a good idea to make sure that the attendees of an event are secure. Recent security concerns from unknown parties and altercations between visitors and their hosts have made public gatherings targets.


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