My Relationship with Pastor Ayo is still strong, says Helen Oritsejafor

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According to Helen, the prominent Pentecostal Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor’s wife, there is no truth to the rumors that they are divorcing. Mrs. Oritsejafor on Monday called the divorce rumors false and spiteful on a Facebook page.

A few days ago, reports that the former president of the Christians Association of Nigeria (CAN) had purportedly filed for divorce from his wife of 25 years caused a stir on Nigerian social media. The marriage was reportedly broken due to infidelity by Pastor Oritsejafor, the founding and senior pastor of Word of Life Bible Church.

The Pastor returned to the property after having abandoned it for a considerable amount of time, while Mrs Helen left their marital home and moved to the UK with their children, according to the report.

Allegations of infertility have reportedly followed the union.

The President-General of the Daughters of Sarah Fellowship, Mrs. Helen, put an end to the rumors by stating that the news is implausible, repugnant, and unfathomable and that it’s imperative that she make the facts known.

“I am a Christian woman who upholds the principles of her Christian religion and marriage. I am a wife, mother, and lady of God. My home and family are the most important aspects of my existence.

 Therefore, I urge everyone to choose our interests and the interests of our adorable children over the desire to make money off of this pointless endeavor. I have never been unfaithful to my spouse, whom I love dearly, and my husband and I are not divorced, unless people get divorced on social media, she stated on Facebook.

The Chief Host of “Family Tips” on the Daughters of Sarah Kitchen Corner TV program, Ms. Helen, attributed the rumors to the devil and his minions trying to discredit her reputation and good deeds.

She added that over the years, she had dedicated her time and money to helping the less fortunate, providing for widows, and awarding scholarships to orphans.

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Through my many online and offline platforms, I have also mentored and taught many young women about the fundamentals of creating and maintaining happy marriages. I can’t go against what I believe in.

Remember that life is a seed. Carrying unsupported rumors is not only harmful but also illegal, the host of the chat show “Mama Helen and You” on ABN Africa continued.

The CEO of Eagle Flight Microfinance Bank, Mrs. Helen, urged the public to respect her family’s desire for privacy and to ignore clumsy attempts to damage her reputation. She also pledged to take all necessary legal action against the offenders.

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