There is Something We Always Do As Kids

Itse Mirabel Ukubeyinje
Itse Mirabel Ukubeyinje
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Anytime we got carbonated drink(mineral) as refreshment or a treat, we love shaking the bottle before opening it.

The fizzy explosion or gas that follows was an entertaining sight to behold just that your drink will be half way gone before you drink it and you will make a mess

And this is how I see humans


That liquid in the bottled is filled with several emotions.

The Good, Bad and Ugly

If you shake it too hard with frustrations, anger, hunger, insecurity, poverty it will definitely spill when it gets opened

To avoid a mess, stabilise the bottle patiently with empathy and nurture

As humans, we will always have bottled up feelings but the atmosphere and situation, will decide if there will be an outburst.

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Nigerians have gotten to the point where Warri people will say “e don hook me for neck”. They are fed up.

Fed up with the government, fed up with religion, fed up with humanity.

The price of petrol, gas have gone up, school is on strike, insecurity in major regions across the country.

Football as we all know is a universal game. Where East meets West, North and South gets along.

Spectators went into that stadium to get a form catharsis. At least something to be optimistic for.

But it’s just a game, there must be losers and winners.

Nigeria, on the losing side, did not take this in good fate.

A great avenue to unleash every frustration.

So wrong

At the end, we lose more



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