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Itse Mirabel Ukubeyinje
Itse Mirabel Ukubeyinje
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With the books in her hands and her four months old baby strapped to her back, she tip toped into the little room assigned to her.

He is obviously still asleep, he won’t have noticed her three hours absence. So she thought

Out came the shrieking cry of her baby Tekome, he accidentally hit his head on the door.

Shush…. Omomé

She tried to pacify her child, but it was too late

Where you dey come from Ruona? He asked

I go give Mama Itohan money for palm oil. She replied.

Ruona na me you dey lie to abi? Wetin you dey do with those books?

Shebi I don warn you make you nor go that evening school again.

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But I go learn how to read and write, she replied.

Ruona you dey follow me argue abi? This school wey you dey go don give you wings ba?

His eyes were already red with fury

Fiaam…..he unbuckles his belt

He gave her hot lashes on her body. Obviously unaware of the child still on her back, he kept on flogging her.

Ruona hear word, he muttered continuously as he flogged her


That was it

She landed on the floor with her head and immediately his feet was surrounded with blood.

The scales in his eyes fell off but too late

She was gone

Ruona, a 19 year old girl gone just like that


Because she wanted formal education but her VIOLENT Husband deprived her of her dream and life

You don’t need to ask me what happened to Tekome her baby??????.

Your guess is right


©®Itse Mirabel Ukubeyinje


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