Kardashians see Kanye West plea as “immature”

Tuoyo Emmanuel Ajuyah
Tuoyo Emmanuel Ajuyah
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When Kanye West declared his desire to return home last thanksgiving referring to his marriage with TV star Kim Kardashian while making his speech that day citing that he was even still married as he had not signed the divorce papers.

The Rapper acknowledged that he had done wrong things but wanted his home back that sounded good to many of Ye fans as many started prepping to dance to ‘Coming home’ (by P.Diddy featuring Skylar Grey).

Indeed few days later (which was just a few days ago) Kanye and Kim were spotted together with their first child – North West at their friend fashion designer Virgil Abloh’s final Louis Vuitton show fueling the speculations that they were back.

The Sunday Service convener had taken every available opportunity to either express his desire for a reunion or try to appeal to his estranged wife but really is that what it takes or all it takes?

Keeping up with the Kardashians, the lastest news from the celebrity house is that the US reality TV star wants nothing to do with Mr West, not just because of the rumours of relationship with Pete Davidson but she actually considers it irritating and would have him stop such public appeals according to Kim, Kanye only says these things publicly and not privately to her.

Infact she feels he is just trying to get sympathy for himself from the public and change the narratives in his favour as he was never really there also mentioning that he was sometimes seen with ‘another girl’, Kim Kardashian 41, on her 40th birthday had declared that at this time of her life she wanted a husband who is always around and not just always in another state.

She also mentions that this could be causing confusion in the minds of their 4 kids who also read on the media that their dad is coming home.

The Kardashian family rounded up the response by declaring the Grammy award winner’s actions as ‘immature’ now I guess it’s up to Kanye West or Ye (as he wants to be called) to Walk his talk if we would be slamming the P’Diddy’s song into the festive period.

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