The Buhari Scenario: The Way for Tega

Tuoyo Emmanuel Ajuyah
Tuoyo Emmanuel Ajuyah
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And just when I thought the Tega saga was a closed one here I am again watching the ex Big Brother Naija married housemate on Chude Jideonwo’s show begging Nigerians for forgiveness for her actions in Biggie’s house.

The Cross River’s indigene was almost on her knees as she re-emphasized that she did not have sex with Boma in the house and even though they kissed, she has come to realize that it was a wrong move being that she is married. She then went ahead ask Nigerians to forgive her because Nigeria is all she has and Nigeria’s forgiveness is key to her (Tega) being able to achieve her goals.

Now I felt this was touching, here is a lady who has ‘sinned’ and is now repentant but appears not to be able to forge ahead to becoming who she wants to be simply because forgiveness appears delayed, I thought to myself ‘but everyone should deserve forgiveness especially when they have owned up, so why are Nigerians not willing to forgive her? especially as she had to come on air again to beg for it.

Meanwhile in trying to evaluate Nigeria’s readiness to forgive my mind crossed our Present – Mohammadu Buhari who was infamous in the 80s for his style of rulership which was easily forgiven and swept under the carpets when Nigerians needed (or felt that they needed) another type of President in 2015. So I satisfied myself that –Yes, Nigerians can indeed forgive and also forget!

But the forgiveness Tega is begging for may not be handed on a platter, if the wife and mother of one really needs to ‘achieve her goals’ as she claims, perhaps she would have been better off using that time on air to maybe launch something new that would tickle the fancy of Nigerians just like Mr President did 6 years ago, at least she will get it at first and then she may be able to deliver on and maintain her new found love from Nigerians even beyond 6 years in this case instead of remixing apologies that will only refresh the not so pleasant memories her fans and non-fans have of her.

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