Jane Mena’s Sextape and Tonto

Tuoyo Emmanuel Ajuyah
Tuoyo Emmanuel Ajuyah
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Recently the internet has been engrossed with developments from the tonto triangle containing Tonto Dike. The Ace Nollywood actress recently had a messy fall out with her Ex – Kpokpogri who came out with a vengeance and said a lot of vile things about the actress to the extent of praising her ex-husband for keeping up with her. Tonto Dikeh shared a WhatsApp chat of an incidence where she confronted her ex-boyfriend over a recording which led to their breakup. The Actress also called out Nigerian Instagram sensation Jane Mena who is famous for belly dancing and twerking, Tonto alleged that KpoKpogri has a sex tape of the recently married Jane Mena.

This accusation left a lot of people wondering why Tonto would call out Jane Mena, what is Jane Mena’s involvement in the relationship saga? Why did Tonto divert the heat to Jane instead of facing her Ex-boyfriend squarely? If there really is a sex tape and was the tape recorded before Jane’s marriage, or while she is still very married to the man she fondly referred to as plies.

Even before marriage Plies had been the longtime boyfriend of the Instagram star and if there is a sex tape it implies she most definitely cheated on Plies. One would wonder the effect this accusation would have on Jane Mena’s marriage.

Some commenters on social media have suggested different reasons why Tonto would drag Jane into her mess, with accusations that could end the Instagram star’s marriage. Some postulated that Jane was the married side chic in Tonto and Kpokpogri’s relationship. Others have said that the earlier mentioned recording was between Jane Mena and Kpokpogri where they were caught allegedly making fun of the actress.

Jane slammed the actress with a 500 million lawsuit, while claiming there is no sex tape of her and Tonto’s ex, she even challenged the actress to post the tape if it truly existed. Kpokpogri has also denied the existence of such a tape. The brother of the Instagram star Anthony, was also dragged into the controversy as a friend of the actress Doris Ogala, made claims that Tony allegedly called him to help beg Tonto not to destroy his sisters marriage, appealing that the actress should please come and retract her statement, because his sister recently suffered a miscarriage due to the stress of the kpokpogri saga.

While Tony made a video saying he is disappointed that Tonto’s friend Doris Ogala would twist the content of their conversation. He insisted his sister’s marriage is fine but he only tried to make peace in the already boiling feud, not because his sister is guilty, but as a concerned brother who wants nothing but peace for his sister who recently suffered a miscarriage due to this controversy.

Tonto set Instagram ablaze when she released another post stating that the sex tape indeed exists, asking the Instagram star to stop trying to reach her to plead with her, while calling her claims bluff on social media. According to King Tonto “If I say your sex tape exist child it exists…”

Fans of the actress has come out massively to insist that, it is out of character for Tonto to lie about something so serious. They seem to believe the sex tape exist as tonto has claimed, while other are waiting to see if Jane Mena will follow through with her threat to drag the actress to court.

Meanwhile Artists are releasing sex tapes they claim to feature in and a ‘King’ keeps saying she has a sex tape but if you have got a blockbuster to release I feel action could be louder, follow the footstep of Tiwa so we can be done with this sensation as soon as possible.

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