Ronaldo: Smooth Icing on Sweet Cake

Tuoyo Emmanuel Ajuyah
Tuoyo Emmanuel Ajuyah
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For the first time in the post Ferguson era a look at the team sheet of Manchester United strikes a great level of fear in any opposing team.

Sealing important deals in the summer before capping it up with the most dramatic transfer of the year when they landed one of the greatest of all times whose transfer almost stole off the shine from Messi’s move to PSG, Manchester United looks like they are going to be real contenders this season.

With the Experienced Varane joining the Reliable Maguire in central defence flanked by Shaw on one side just under Matic and Pogba this afternoon against Newcastle united and then going upfront there is Fernandes sitting in the middle of the much anticipated Sancho and Greenwood just behind the King, Ronaldo, with Greenwood looking like the only greenhorn in this starting 11, Man U did well to disunited Newcastle Indeed Ronaldo brings more competition to the Premier league.

It doesn’t end with the boys from St’ James’s Park, I think the Premier League is in for some tough competition this Season and Perhaps like what won’t be experienced in any other league this season with Chelsea beefing up an already talented and victorious team, Manchester City still rearing to go among others we expect the keenest of contest.

Sadly no matter how every team tries to beef up their ranks come May only one team will sit on top, who will that be?

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