Lobby for Jonathan’s Defection and Why Nigeria is not moving forward

Tuoyo Emmanuel Ajuyah
Tuoyo Emmanuel Ajuyah
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Will I blame the Government or APC? I blame them not. When you have the privilege of experiencing something, someone in a position, who underperforms, brings in hardship, leaves power and then returns in a couple of decades and tells you he has the keys to your promise land and you say – oh come in, at this point no one else is to blame but you.

Nigerians as a people have become more forgetting than forgiving, and the people at the helms of affairs seems to be able to bank on this, now they don’t even need to do much strategizing to present anything to us, they know ‘a beggar has no choice’ and so whatever they present the people will take, quite pathetic.

Just 2 days ago, APC’s deputy national publicity secretary, Yekini Nabena while making a statement to debunk the rumours of Jonathan’s defection to the ruling party said they would celebrate if the former President makes the switch and this is after silent moves have been perceived from Bayelsa by APC stakeholders.

How on earth will the APC after coming out 6 years ago with all intent and prowess to de market a product to us, give us points and facts and then today want to come out again to the same people to tell them –this is the best man for you. They must have some confidence even Jamaican products cannot give.

Afterall FFK had preferred to die rather than join APC and today he is an apostle of what according to him is less preferred to death, it suggests that he or we have now come to a point where we pick things that we had placed in the lowest or less than the lowest place some time ago or we are unstable in our ways like the wave of the sea.

Anyone whose movements is like the wave of the sea shouldn’t expect to get anything or make significant progress and when movements are made in earnest but without a clear and defined direction which should be focused on even in times of threats or promises the result is always movements without progress.

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