Victims Dies In Abuja Train Crash

Royal Diary
Royal Diary
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An inquiry into the fatal train disaster that occurred in Kubwa on Thursday morning has been launched by the Federal Capital Territory Police Command. According to information obtained by our correspondent, a train headed for Abuja broke down at Chikakore in the Kubwa neighborhood of Abuja after colliding with a moving vehicle.

While engineers worked on the train, the carriages remained stationary for more than 40 minutes. Josephine Adeh, a spokeswoman for the FCT Police, responded to the tragedy by saying, “We are aware of the unfortunate incidence of the rail/motor death accident that occurred at the Chikakore axis in the Kubwa area council of the FCT.

“Upon receiving the information, police crime scene investigators affiliated to the Byazin Divisional Police Headquarters moved promptly to the location, took care of the situation, where the person was pronounced dead by medical professionals on the ground. To prevent similar tragedies from happening again, already established safety recommendations will shortly be reemphasized.

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