Davido’s Birthday Giveaway: And What if he decides to run for President?

Tuoyo Emmanuel Ajuyah
Tuoyo Emmanuel Ajuyah
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It’s no longer news that a few days ago David Adedeji Adeleke, popularly known as Davido announced on his Instagram account that in celebrating his birthday he requests that his friends and colleagues pay One Million Naira each into his newly opened bank account.

Of course in about 48 hours he had been credited with about N200,000,000 naira, seeing the speedy response in just  few hours of the Nigerian-American Singer and songwriter’s public request for funds a lot of theories were popping up here and there even as some were wondering why a Davido will be begging for a million on social media after ‘putting 30 billion for your account’ some others said it was just publicity for the bank he opened the account with but the most ridiculous to me was when I read a gentleman suggest that the fall crooner might be planning to run for a political office soon after he saw what the musician eventually did with the cash.

Though I listened to a radio presenter say he suspects Davido was going to give back the money to charity which he eventually did yesterday as he not only donated the N200,000,000 to orphanage homes across Nigeria but also added N50,000,000 from his own pocket making a total donation of N250,000,000 as a way to mark his birthday.

But why do we find it difficult to think that people cannot carry out good gestures solely for charity purposes and not always using such charitable acts as bait to get something? Thankfully Davido has shamed the shameful ‘bookmakers’ but then if Davido decides to run for office tomorrow do you think a man who diverted to charity a 200 mils donation he got- given to him personally to do as he wished would be coming to office to sip some more cash?

I mean what if he actually decided to run for office? Shouldn’t it be that he would want to use his services as give away to the masses?

Or is it because we have politicians who despite all the wealth they have acquired will not let the entirety of a N200,000,000 donations they get go to charity talk less of adding their own 50 mils?

I think once in a while we should just accept people’s act of good will and applaud them at least till they come back to ask for favours, abeg giveaways and goodies have been scarce, let’s just celebrate the one(s) we see – Davido, Wehdone sir!

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