We are Artistic & African, We are not evil

Sholaye Edun
Sholaye Edun
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Cultural imperialism and the media, we took out time to review photos from the Haitian festival and it was alot more than the what the media shows you, which are beautiful bikini wearing ladies. Below are what the media wouldn’t show you.

Thankfully with social media we are breaking the blindfold of the media’s seive on our reality. People travel to witness this festival and they demonize their own.

As an Itsekiri who grew up in Warri, Delta State, the Okere JuJu festival (Awankere) has been so demonized that Christians wouldn’t want to be caught participating. There was also a group who walked and rolled on hot coal as tribute during the farewell celebration of the Ogiame Ikenwoli the first, which I am worried that with time that art would be lost because alot of our modern day people believe these cultural thrills are demonic.

We are Africans, a people whose cultural heritage are rich, beautiful and sometimes beyond comprehension. We should celebrate our culture and be proud of it. Doesn’t these photos look familiar or even more relatable to our festival looks and thrills?

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