Between Love & Family – Where to draw the line

Vee Afabor
Vee Afabor
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Happiness is a key factor in life. Anyone who makes you happy can be called your family. Royalty is a title and it comes with a lot of mouth watering benefits especially if you are a member of the British Royal Family, but then, if been royal causes a breach of your peace, all the benefits you enjoy will no longer interest you and honestly there are a whole lot of great men and women who come from less privileged backgrounds that are excelling in life doing amazing stuffs. Not been Royal or given a Prince title will, in no way, stop you from achieving greatness.

If your family forget they have a duty to love you; be your peace and make you happy, then cut them off. So they don’t continue to cause you pain. If you have a beautiful and peaceful union with your partner, choose them! Choose them over and over and over again.

In the Bible, a man should leave his family and cleave to his wife. In my own opinion it means you have Gods backing by choosing your wife over your family. Your wife/husband is also your family created directly with your God. It is your duty to go to great length to protect them.
If the reason for your family’s disapproval of your choice Partner is based on racism, I don’t think it is wise to give up your happiness just to satisfy them.

Meghan is the first mixed race member of the modern royal family and the reasons why they don’t accept her are obviously based on race issues to the extent whereby a member of the Royal family asks a question about how dark their son, Archie’s, skin would be. Also, in an interview with Oprah she said at some point she didn’t want to be alive anymore because she found Royal life to be so difficult. This shows depression is fast creeping in.

Also, their children would have to be dragged into all of these because at the moment their son, Archie, will not be given a Royal title. He won’t be called a Prince because his mum is a black woman. This is both sad and shocking and it will only lead to more frustration for the young couple, which is the more reason for them to choose to stay away from the Royal family.

Beyond love and family there have always been a struggle between family and who you choose to get hitched with. For instance, here in Nigeria, we might not have racism but we have classism – (this happens with the rich whereby, you have to marry someone that is of equal privileged background as yourself or Hell will break loose).
We also have tribalism – (this is a major hindrance for many). Hence, this is a worldwide disease not just about the Royal Family. As a matter of fact, you can marry a nobody and still face a lot of in-laws melodrama.

In the case of Prince Harry and Meghan, I agree that family is everything. Family, isn’t defined only by last name or blood, it is defined by commitment and by love. It means showing up when they need you. It means having each other’s back no matter what. But, if they fail to be any of the above stated, then, you can’t call them your family. If your family cannot choose who you choose or love who you love, it means you are from a toxic family and it is better to stay away from them before the worst happens!

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