2023: APC the Marketing Gurus

Tuoyo Emmanuel Ajuyah
Tuoyo Emmanuel Ajuyah
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They marketed a product they could not manufacture – this was a popular phrase shortly after the beginning of this administration in 2015/2016. Nigerians had been wowed by the presentation and promises of the All Progressive Congress during the Presidential elections that year but as 100 days in office turned 1 year and then 2 years as our people will say eyes come clear and I don’t want to talk (or write) more than that.

In the build up to that election popular Obama slogan – CHANGE was adopted, strategies implemented and the General (as he was fondly called then) was put in a suit.

When the Deputy DG of Tinubu Campaign – Adam Oshiomole appeared on TV for an interview on the Morning Show for Arise TV 2 days ago the above mentioned scenario was refreshed in my memory, Indeed the former Chairman of APC ditched his trademark Karki and appeared on complete Suit and when the Anchor – Reuben Abati asked him why the change Oshiomole responded by saying ‘I was ordered to dress like this’.

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To be a good marketer, you should be able to indeed market products that you cannot even produce without your prospect sensing it; an act that the APC appears to have mastered, also this week their Presidential Candidate with his Vice not only appeared on suit, with Shettima not only dorning a modern suit this time but also using the trendy slim tie, they also gathered major players in the Business sector to speak with.

This act squashes all the noise of Tinubu not attending the NBA summon as well as other similar events and the Former Lagos state Governor not speaking directly on his plans.

As the Campaign advances on owe can expect the APC as well as other political parties to answer the questions being asked about them, indeed every political party is expected to market their candidates as well as their plans, that is their job to do but it is also the job of the electorate to ‘shine their eyes’ or their ears.

Every Voter should question every promise made this period, know it that you owe it as a duty to your descendants and your nation to make the right or an informed choice and to do so even as you cast your vote come next February.

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