Ugbomoro community chairman falsely accused and arrested

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  • Wednesday 9th of March, the Nigerian police force under the Agbarho police division went out on a regular community raid and this time it was the Ugbomoro community in Uvwie Local Govt Area and home to the Federal University of Petroleum Resources (FUPRE) that was their target. As they started their raid, probably off a tip off, an unsuspecting man named ‘Kofi’ who was urimating nearby and who obviously knows how the Nigerian police arrest innocent people,took to his heels leaving behind his mercedes Benz 350 car. The police not to be undone, gleefully drove the left behind car to the Agbarho police station.
    While all this was happening, the community chairman, Mr Okodaso, was attending a funeral function in another community in Warri South local govt area. He was called by the man whose car was driven away by the police. And as the caring community chairman that he is, he swung into action, leaving the funeral ceremony and driving straight to the police station at ughelli. He was however told by the Ughelli police comman that they were not responsible for the raid and arrest. On his way back from ughelli, he instinctively decided to stop over at the Agbarho division to check and true to his instincts,he saw the Mercedes Benz car packed in the premises of the police station.
    His next decision proved to be the start of his bitter experience. He approached the counter/desk of the police reception and he was told by the police woman at the desk to buy her recharge card to be able to call the squad that did the raid which he obliged to. The squad leader was called and they showed up minutes later.
    Mr Okodaso told them he had come for the Mercedes Benz car as it belonged to his friend who got scared and ran away as they were raiding the community earlier that day. He was asked to call the owner of the car and as he was trying to do that, he was handcuffed and subsequently taken to the Delta State Police Command HQ in Asaba where drugs were brought before him as exhibits they found in the said car and pictures of him standing in front of the drugs were taken and spread online.
    As at the time of filling this report, Mr Okodaso is back home with his family after parting away with huge sum of money to bail himself. He however made a video explaining in details exactly what transpired between Wed, March 9th and today.

Louis ‘Wakajugbe’ Mulu

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