So Who Will Take The Day on Feb 25?

Tuoyo Emmanuel Ajuyah
Tuoyo Emmanuel Ajuyah
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Come February 25, believing ‘the baby’ is now grown and that history will not repeat itself this time around – considering that the last two major elections in this country (2015 and 2019) were all postponed, this time around we’ll believe that since the baby is grown it won’t fall again as it has always fallen while trying to take steps previously and so as the saying goes – history being a good predictor of the future – will not apply this year and the Presidential elections will indeed hold on the 25th of February.


So with this assumption it is indeed barely two weeks before we’ll know who will prevail at the 2023 Presidential race  which I think is between three ‘parties’ as against the previous occasions where the elections were simply contested between two people.


The first party in this election is what I’ll call ‘The people’s Choice’ where the people have spoken, they’ve come out, rallied themselves without any incentive or motivation, Here the people have almost taken ownership of the campaigns even without permission or authorization but the down side here is that, they say they don’t have structure or what it takes to win an election in Nigeria.

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Then, the second party; not exactly obviously the people’s choice but they can be referred to as ‘the powers-that-be’, they are in the position to make things happen in the nation, get court injunctions and favourable adjournments, make communities threaten their members on who to vote, they have all the titles that suggest they are number one and even feel entitled to what they seek as they have ‘raised’ people and expect and will indeed get the payback but downside here is that as we have been corrected, they utilize ‘swag’ frequently when speaking in their rallies or different town halls, or communicate in what could seem as foreign languages even without a stand by interpreter and have in the past had an empty van ‘mistakenly’ driven into their houses on sensitive days.


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Finally, the third party, you can call them the ‘Alpha Male’ in the nation they come from the region where it is believed that they always have a say in who becomes President and have almost single-handedly always produced the President in recent times and majority of the heads of states, they are well placed everywhere and some parties had to abandon their constitutions to have them carry their flags, they have the population and to a large extent, their loyalty and unity is second to none, but on the flipside some people seem to have problems with trusting them to lead the anti corruption crusade while some others feel this year there should be a shift in power considering the peculiarity of our nation.


So come February 25, who do you think will prevail? Will it be ‘The People’s Choice’?,  ‘The Powers that be’? or ‘The Alpha Male’? What do you think and why? 

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