Security Features Of The New Naira Notes Revealed -CBN

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Royal Diary
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The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has announced the security measures of the new naira notes in order to protect Nigerians from becoming victims of fake naira notes.

The new Naira notes have 13 security features on the N1,000 note, 15 security features on the N500 note, and 10 security features on the N200 note.

Many Nigerians who had expressed anxiety over counterfeiting of the Naira notes have found solace with the release of the security measures.

Olachi Obina, a lotto operator, is one of them. He stated, “I don’t like it since it may simply be falsified.”

The CBN claims that a number of security features protect naira banknotes and make it simple to identify authentic notes. The raised print, the security thread, and the watermark are the unique characteristics that can be detected by touch and visibility. On the front and reverse of the notes, there are further embossed details including the portrait, text, and denominational digits. The notes’ raised printing provide texture, and the security thread, which normally seems broken but isn’t when held up to light, is imprinted on both sides with the letters “CBN.”

The Naira notes are additionally shielded from photocopying. Additionally, there are elements that can only be seen under ultraviolet light. For instance, the serial number on each banknote is normally black but changes to green when exposed to ultraviolet light.

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