Sanwo-Olu’s Drawing – A Drawing Beyond Perfection

Tuoyo Emmanuel Ajuyah
Tuoyo Emmanuel Ajuyah
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Do you know why the same man who buys his wife a real car for her birthday will only buy a small toy car for his son for the same birthday? Sometimes people give you according to your level.

Shout out to Bodataiye Oniyakuya, who took it upon himself to go through the pains of getting a befitting drawing for His Excellency, Babajide Sanwo-Olu the Executive Governor of Lagos state, he wasn’t asked to, it wasn’t even the Governor’s birthday but Badataiye just took it as a point of duty to dedicate his time to produce the master piece.

Honestly, at first glance I didn’t appreciate the work of art, I thought it was poorly done, the same glance His Excellency must have used to make his response to the sacrifice of one of his citizens but I believe after posting that response the Governor will find time to sit down and take a second look at the drawing and that’s when he will be able to appreciate the genius of Bodataiye and then I expect him to call the artist back and present a scholarship or sponsorship or anything that can be a good reward for selfless service to one’s motherland.

Firstly, the drawing is a sketch, just white and black, no shades which is exactly what the Nigerian Government which Sanwo-Olu represents has made Nigeria look like when compared to other countries – no blend or similarities, the difference as they say is 7-up sometimes it seems like we are even in another planet even when we share boundaries.

Same with the shape of head, on the left it’ an exaggeration of the chin curve while on the right the distance from the ear to the shoulder looks confusing exactly how exaggerated and confusing the hardship Nigerian’s have to go through to get simple things done, one can’t even find the shoulder on the left side of the picture exactly how we cannot find the basic amenities that are supposed to be basic, light, security, water etc. Sometimes I even wonder why our Government schools still teach that the above mentioned are basic amenities and the missing shoulder is a perfect depiction of the missing basic amenities.

Then the nose looking more predominant on the face than it should describes how failed promises are shamelessly excused when even the blind can see them while the pupil looking like a dot in the ocean of the eyes perfectly represents how the government have made Nigerians look in the ocean of the good life a human on earth should enjoy.

The Governor in his response said ‘Really? So it’s me you drew like this?” that actually echoes our response to the life they have given us and He is asking Bodataiye to come and present it to him in his office but please Bodataiye don’t go o, you have presented it electronically already, any reward they want to give you let them send it to you too.

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