Love beyond ice cream

Tuoyo Emmanuel Ajuyah
Tuoyo Emmanuel Ajuyah
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I have seen many people get married because of ‘love’ and then later… the story changes.

Love is a very very important ingredient to get married, but the love that holds marriages is not the erotic love that comes from ice creams and shawarma or from activities in the other room but the love that comes from likeness.

If you are thinking of getting married the first thing to check is – is he or she a friend, do you connect with him or her on a normal level without ‘love’ or erotic things? before the thought of dating came can you sit with such person for one or two hours and relate?

It is the love that’s built from here that stands the test of time.

But for the other one we call love, when the storms of life comes and the ice cream is not as sweet in your mouth as it used to then you will realize that not all love is actually love.

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