Dapchi and PMB’s Red Carpet

Tuoyo Emmanuel Ajuyah
Tuoyo Emmanuel Ajuyah
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True true, they say when you don’t understand someone you are bound to have issues and complain too often even when it’s totally unnecessary and I think that has been the exact case between the Nigerian people and her President.

This morning complains everywhere of how Mr President went to Dapchi for a condolence visit after the abduction of 110 school girls and was rolling up agbada upandan on the red carpet. The beef is why will he polish shoe and walk on red carpet when over 100 girls had just been kidnaped but it seems what was paining them more was the way he was rolling up the agbada and I was just seating and wondering ‘why do these people just like to beef their President’ they will not even look closely to understand his intentions before they criticize.

They said he went for condolence visit, in how many villages in this country do they go for condolence smiling? Do these people even have a calendar? I wonder, don’t they know that next year is 2019? Or in condolence visit do they tell the bereaved that they did better than others in responding to the casualty? Or don’t that statement on it’s own underline the whole subject? Did PMB not say he responded faster in the Dapchi school girls abduction than Jonathan did in the Chibok saga or did they not see the similarity between ‘we will create 3 million jobs every year’ and ‘we will rescue all the girls’? na wa o.

Maybe they don’t even know that the president had already mourned the situation before he went for that wedding and now he has to prepare for next year, he has to move ahead because time waits for no one.

Maybe we should just try and understand our leaders and we won’t have to complain every day

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