A Good Boss and a Good Company, which is better?

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Some of us may select a decent firm with a high income and benefits without considering the work happiness that comes with it. In any case, the Company and the Boss are the main focus here.


Some managers may be accommodating and understanding; in addition to considering the welfare of the business, they also consider the well-being of their staff members. As said by Jack Ma;


A Good Boss is better than a Good Company.


A good boss will coach, develop, and discipline you. Even in a lousy firm, certain leaders can make work relevant and fascinating.


What characterizes a terrible business?

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  1. unhappy employees at work
  2. No adaptability
  3. A bully of a boss
  4. Ideas that weren’t taken into account
  5. Broken commitments
  6. Workers are leaving like flies
  7. Unrespectful 
  8. Lack of a complete job description
  9. Overworked staff, etc.


Bosses are designed to support, value, and trust their staff to do the task. While some focus so intently on the expansion of the business that they neglect to think about or care about the welfare of their employees. To the point that, even if salaries were paid at the end of a few months, there would still be insufficient funds to cover the remainder of the month’s salary.


Employees don’t leave lousy employment; they leave bad employers, and it should be highlighted. According to a preliminary estimate, 80% of employees who have problems with their employers have something to do with their boss. Good bosses are what workers long for. According to recent research, 65% of workers would choose a superior boss over a pay raise. Nothing compares to having a boss who has your back. Your working experience is greatly improved by them. The workplace is healthy, and the boss watches out for the employees.


Companies need to understand that if the boss of the firm is bad, no amount of money will be able to keep good employees. Unquestionably, one of the best rewards for keeping employees happy and motivated is a good boss.


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