Author Info With Carousal

The readers want to know about the skills and experiences of the author. Once they like an author, they always want to read their posts. In the section of “Author Info with Carousel”, you can upload multiple images of the author as well as provide brief info. Also you can integrate various social media from the backend.

[crazyblog_author_info_with_carousal bg=”1342″][crazyblog_author_info_with_carousal_block title=”i am” subtitle=”Kate Hudson” fb_link=”” tw_link=”” gp_link=”” rd_link=””][/crazyblog_author_info_with_carousal_block][crazyblog_author_info_with_carousal_block title=”i am a” subtitle=”Freelancer Writter” fb_link=”” tw_link=”” gp_link=”” rd_link=””][/crazyblog_author_info_with_carousal_block][/crazyblog_author_info_with_carousal]